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Ancient Voices - The Discovery of Abraham, Joseph and Moses

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     Concerning books, there are typically two questions potential readers ask: Why would someone want to read Ancient Voices, and what makes this book different or unique compared to similar books that address the same subjects?                                                                                 

     The first question is easy to answer, for religion has a direct or indirect influence on every person on this planet, and if there is factual deception that has been perpetuated, this affects the structure and laws of any social system. If any spiritual prevarication exists, no social system can properly operate. This is predominantly why communism, socialism, and capitalism have all failed, and this is why the world’s richest comprise 1% of the population yet own 40% of all the wealth. Therefore, if you are a Jew, Muslim, Christian, atheist, or are aligned with any religion, their falsehoods are impending upon your freedom; and for freedom to exist, any existing deception must be revealed.                        

     Ancient Voices functions similar to a spiritual defense lawyer for humanity—to uncover the truth and win the case, so mankind can get on with life and end its self-destructive ways. God’s gavel has struck.

     As to the second question and what makes Ancient Voices special and different from other books in its classification. There are many books that focus or discuss the conjecture of discovering the three patriarchs, but there are no available books in the category of factually discovering anything related to the patriarchs. Ancient Voices is a lone voice in the wilderness.

     The discovery of Moses, Joseph, and Abraham is surely groundbreaking, but the detection of Hagar and Aseneth in Egypt is long overdue. Every woman will surely rejoice . . . and with good reason. The three major religions predicted such an apocalypse [revelation], and with such history in the making, coming to this Web site makes you a part of it, and we sincerely thank you for your interest.

     Readers want a good book to sit back and really get into for, in all honesty, it’s another reality, for movies, documentaries, and real life just cannot tap into the imagination and mind like a good book.

     In 1969, the Vatican admitted that its long-standing claim that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute was deception. When Dan Brown came out with The Da Vinci Code, he tapped into readers’ minds, not because he had undeniable physical evidence, but because he struck a chord with the imagination and spirit of more than 80 million readers. The Vatican demanded their faithful boycott the movie, but many knew there was a strange truth to his writing. In some ways, this was a long-awaited social and religious rebellion.

     People want the truth with anything that concerns their life, and when it comes to religion, their truth should be self-evident. Yet, when it comes to organized religion and its history, the majority know deep down inside that some claims just do not add up, such as with Mary Magdalene or when Moses raises his staff and makes the massive waters of the Red Sea rise up and part. Or why did the Jews wander for 40 years? And why was Moses’ god so revengeful? Furthermore, why was the Exodus of Moses 430 years to the self-same day that God predicted it would occur after 400 years? Or, why did God kill the firstborn and create the plagues, the Holy Wars, the Inquisitions, support of slavery, dehumanization of Native Americans and Pacific peoples, the theft of land from the Palestinians due to a religious belief, or even the Catholic Church scandal involving sex abuse? Such things make any good soul shiver. The list of horrors continues throughout history, but once you read Ancient Voices, the reasons and the deception are clarified. 

     I daresay, while you’re reading this book you might find yourself saying, “Oh, my God!” more than once. But once you complete the read, you will realize that all the pieces connect and fit, exactly like a complex puzzle that no one has yet put together.

     True, there are countless books about religion, esoteric New Age beliefs usually borrowed from older religions, and a few about the discoveries contained in Ancient Voices, and sometimes they include tantalizing information, yet never before have those books offered physical evidence that proves the discovery of Moses. Often scholars claim that Ramses the Great was the pharaoh during Moses’ Exodus, but not a single piece of evidence exists proving this hypothesis. The same applies to the discovery of Joseph and Abraham—no existing evidence. To go even further, there have been many books and documentaries on the Ark of the Covenant, Moses and his Exodus, and even Noah’s ark; but once again, the “evidence” may be fascinating or thought-provoking, however, no specifics are revealed. Nonetheless, this does show that there are millions desiring information on the subject. Yet, there’s a reason such minimal evidence has been published, and this is due to the dangers involved with the extreme side of organized religion, for the scholarly do live in reluctance. As evidenced by how the Church treated Galileo, science and education have long been wrongly treated by the Church; there has always been suspicion.

Not one discovery, but there is a powerful demand

     Google a search on Moses, Joseph, or even Abraham, and soon you will realize there are countless books on the three patriarchs but not a single piece of evidence has been imparted. Yet, if you do a search just for Moses, there are 39 million results, and if searching for Abraham, there are almost 60 million! Ask any political, religious, or social leader what would happen if just Moses was discovered, and you will surely get varying thoughts, but one unified answer would surely be, “It could not get any bigger” or “It will change the entire human race, one way or another.”  

Yet, can it get any bigger? Absolutely!

     We all know that King Tutankhamen has been and still is one of the world’s most prominent attractions, just from the volume of people who went to see his two worldwide tours. Even in 1922 when his tomb was discovered, “Tutmania” swept the world with the curse of Tut, and new Art Deco, jewelry, furniture, fashion, and architecture based on the young Egyptian king. Google Tut and there are 55.8 million results, which puts him above Moses! With the boy king in Ancient Voices, suddenly it’s not only about the discovery of Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and their women, but it’s also about new information on King Tutankhamen. Who was around Tutankhamen? Ramses, Akhenaten, and the famous Queen Nefertiti. Was Tutankhamen related to the biblical Moses?

     Today, the prime fascination with Americans for this month is the health care reform bill, and a Google search brings 24.1 million results, while a Google search on Tiger Woods yields 44 million. Both are amazing numbers. But Tut alone beats Tiger by 13 million and the health-care issue by 34 million! In the business world, this is a good indicator, for when you add Moses, Abraham, and Tutankhamen, the numbers are a whopping 154.8 million results! Now, add to the fact that Dan Brown’s best-selling book, The Da Vinci Code, was based on a woman, Mary Magdalene, this strongly indicates that readers have been waiting to discover something about a woman who had anything to do with the formation of Christianity. Add the fact that Ancient Voices discovers the direct influence on the three major world religions by Hagar, Abraham’s handmaiden, and Joseph’s wife Aseneth, and the attraction factor multiplies to a level no one has ever seen before, in any time period.

     Now that you are aware of the potential involved with Ancient Voices, you want to know more. But surely is there anything to add to the above? Yes! When you read Ancient Voices, you will learn the truth about 2012 . . . and even more! We all hear about the end of the world and Armageddon, but what is the truth? Ancient Voices, with its chapter on prophecies, and this Web site, fully explain 2012, the end of the world, the end of times, apocalypse, and Armageddon.

     So, you are now undoubtedly wondering if this is the real deal, for today it’s common for people everywhere to lie, misrepresent, or spin facts for the sake of money. Also, you may have seen the cover of Ancient Voices that reads, “The discovery of Moses, Joseph and Abraham”. Perhaps one out of three may be true, but all at once? Why not? When the exact time and place is learned regarding one patriarch such as Moses, the Bible gives exact years to go back in time to find Joseph and Abraham. Also, when someone is discovered, as with Abraham approximately 4,000 years ago, such a discovery will likely bring others with it, just as I found with all three patriarchs. But, what would have been a historical discovery in the past, such as determining who was the actual pharaoh at the time of the biblical Exodus, now becomes small, but it’s still a priceless bit of knowledge. One thing does lead to another.

     Now you ask: So, what makes you qualified to write such a book? What are your credentials, education, background, and experience? In this case, to disclose anything about myself would surely be the beginning of trouble and possibly my demise, for history is filled with religious extremists who engage in extreme actions to retain the status quo; therefore, I must remain anonymous. But, I will state that it took nearly three decades to complete this manuscript, and I underwent unimaginable hardships. However, you have my word that it is the absolute truth and some claims are self-evident, for it’s based not only on physical evidence, but also the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran are in agreement with the major discoveries uncovered and detailed in Ancient Voices.

     At this point we know that Ancient Voices should be one of the greatest attractions of all time, simply due to the fact it involves not only Moses, Joseph, and Abraham and their women, but also Nefertiti, Akhenaten, Ramses, and King Tutankhamen. So by now you’re possibly wondering, does it also have other discoveries? Yes!

The Egyptian god Osiris (the good god) and his wife Hatmehit, a fish goddess, and Osiris’ queen and sister, Isis. Their religion was the first, most loved, and the longest existing in recorded history. It embodied forgiveness with the sign of the fish,“The first of the fishes” or “Foremost of the fish.” 

Hagar’s descendants (most of the tribes of the Hyksos) worshipped the god Set/Sobek.  In ancient texts, Sobek said: “I am the great fish which is in Kamui.”

Aseneth, Joseph’s Egyptian wife; she worshipped the god Sobek, the great fish

There is no sign of the fish concerning Moses’ nine tribes, which participated in the 430-year Exodus, as with Osiris and Hatmehit, Joseph and Aseneth; however, the next sign of the fish is with Jesus and early Christianity. 

This book is a must read for anyone with an interest in history and religion. Learning about these new discoveries and the deceptions we have lived with for thousands of years will fascinate readers, and its conclusions are both important and long-awaited contributions to the existing literature on these subjects. Meticulously researched and highly readable, Ancient Voices is a thrilling, original work that will forever change how we view religion, our faith, and our future.



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Ancient Voices

The Discovery of Abraham, Joseph and Moses

Ancient Voices is comprehensively researched. Using artifacts,historical records,etymology clues,geographic evidence,and religious texts,Zed traces the historical truth. He challenges traditional views of the apocalypse and reveals long-hidden facts regarding history’s most sought-after secrets and the ancient world’s effect on today’s culture. Learn about discoveries and deceptions,some perpetuated for centuries. This thought-provoking book will change how you view religion, faith, & the future.


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