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The Discovery of Abraham, Joseph and Moses

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The discovery of Moses, Joseph, and Abraham is a comprehensively researched examination. Purchase your book NOW!

Is The Bible True

Throughout the centuries, many individuals have wanted to learn more about Islam, the Holy Scriptures, and the Old Testament. They study either independently or by taking lessons on subjects such as a Bible study course (Christian), the Torah (Judaism), Hebrew, the Koran (Islam), Bible history or a Bible as Literature course (Bible study topics), or the history of Judaism, Islam, or Christianity. Yet, the inquiring student may discover a biblical timeline that disagrees with modern-day scholarly reviews and scientific evidence, similar to when Galileo discovered how the earth orbits the sun. Furthermore, when studying the Bible, its contents were claimed to be a divine and true history of the ancient world; however, when people demanded to know the absolute or literal truth, the Church countered with the premonitions contained in Revelations, including a predicted Apocalypse, Armageddon, and an End of Times Prophecy [also referred to as Prophecy End Times, End Time Prophecy, or Bible prophecies], and the return of Jesus. If one questioned and denied these claims as legitimate, one frequently experienced guilt or was labeled a sinner. The full truth and accurate stories about Hagar, Joseph, and Egypt were not revealed until the Apocalypse, which is not a gloom-and-doom event but a well-documented and researched book.



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Ancient Voices
The Discovery of Abraham, Joseph and Moses

Ancient Voices is comprehensively researched. Using artifacts,historical records,etymology clues,geographic evidence,and religious texts,Zed traces the historical truth. He challenges traditional views of the apocalypse and reveals long-hidden facts regarding history’s most sought-after secrets and the ancient world’s effect on today’s culture. Learn about discoveries and deceptions,some perpetuated for centuries. This thought-provoking book will change how you view religion, faith, & the future.


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