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The Way

This is the path of life that was intended for all living things, and humanity would be served by life. Initially, it often incorporates synchronicity, and this is the signpost to follow. The animal kingdom and all living things typically follow The Way, just as the flower knows to turn toward the sun, for this is consciousness. Following The Way requires little or no thought processes, and this opens the mind to function with consciousness and not the program of control. In essence, the more you think, the more you block your heart, and the heart is a link to the soul, and the mind is the link to the divine, which is stillness, peace and love. Following The Way is not perfection in this world, for there is so much imperfection that The Way is often attacked with advertising and corrupt thoughts from thinkers with pride, greed, selfishness, and accepted false beliefs. Humanity has yet to follow the path of The Way, for it selected a system of material gain; instead of giving life, it often gives death. Humanity’s truthful messiah is not a supernatural man or woman . . . it is The Way.  ~ from The Glossary in Ancient Voices


      The Way is a path for everyone’s life, for it is the spiritual essence of all religion. Any man or woman can walk it, for it is a natural way to live. It has been compared to early Christianity, which functioned as a religion “of the spirit that expressed itself in the heightening and enlarging of the human consciousness”; in fact, the current policies and practices of the Church brings spiritual death. [See Encyclopedia Britannica, “The History of Christian Mysticism”]. No church is necessary when following The Way. This is explained in the newly published book Ancient Voices and also in Ancient Voices/The Seventh Sojourn
     Yet, to fully explain The Way demands a manuscript and, quite honestly, many years of training from a wise elder skilled in The Way. Organized religion should have instructed its followers on The Way, but it did not.
     You may wonder why organized religion did not teach this very crucial concept—the only knowledge needed. It is because organized religion is a business. If people knew of The Way, then in a few generations, churches and organized religion would be out of business. Power does indeed corrupt, more than you may know. Therefore, the reason is simple: Besides the money aspect, The Way is perfection and protection for all people. Once a generation was properly following The Way, there would be no reason for synagogues, churches, or mosques; this precept can be found in the basic teachings of Jesus, Joseph, and Muhammad.                                
     With today being the unseen “End of Times”, organized religion has effectively accomplished most of the wrong things with 2,000 years of accumulated darkness. The latest projection—the end of humanity. What you believe, regardless if it is wrong or right, sets a definite precedence, for the truth is, you are a little god and your beliefs can and will destroy or create. When there is a unified social consciousness, things either repeat until they are corrected, or they are learned and the next lesson arrives.                                                        
     Humanity has been repeating the same lesson for a very long time. 

One case in point . . . of many
     It is important to first understand that a religious community of men—not prophets—compiled the Bible. The idea originally came from Jewish sources and not the early church. These men selected which books would become canon for the makeup of the Bible, and nearly all books that were not accepted were destroyed or outlawed, such as the popular story of Joseph and Aseneth.  After reading Ancient Voices and the story of Joseph and Aseneth, after reading Ancient Voices, you will learn why this was one of many stories that were suppressed. Even though the stories in today’s version of the Bible were chosen to be canonized, the story of Joseph and Aseneth has equal holiness, for no matter how holy canon may be, the story of Joseph and Aseneth is at least equal in value. 
     Actually, the story of Joseph and Aseneth now has more value and for a good reason. Because the Bible has been covertly edited—and nearly all scholars agree on this—there is no way to know the full truth except for a proven prophet. Add the major cover-ups about the true “Chosen Ones” and the theft of their holy accomplishments, no matter how positive one wishes to be, doubt surfaces and persists. Therefore, what was once demanded to be believed as the absolute word of God must now be questioned. The religious authorities are to blame . . . not the people. This makes the surviving apocrypha more valid, for they were not corrupted, and at the minimum, they are historical artifacts that are valid.
     After reading Ancient Voices you will have learned how countless important situations, words, and truths have been hidden. You also learned how there were several divergent methods to keep a believer from knowing the truth. Add to this that the contemporary Bible is invalid, and the only way to make it holy again would be for a proven prophet or messiah to show where the lies reside. For myself, this is a sad revelation and the corruptors should have realized what they were doing; but the sad truth is, they were aware. Yet, when looking at the big picture, it is as if God did all this, beginning perhaps with Moses, for the evil ones were so set up that the situation should make believers out of disbelievers. Something that is so amazing must be holy.                           
     Over the years I have met disbelievers, many who claimed to be spiritual but not religious. Now, with such an apocalypse, perhaps this is what their souls have been waiting for. Understand that most disbelievers in the past [past lives included] were hurt or tortured by the Church. To push scripture to such hurt souls is the wrong thing to do.  Give them what they seek . . . Truth.          
     It is also important to understand that when one single word has been changed in a holy book, the book’s entire contents become suspect and must be questioned. When important things like the descendants of Joseph and Benjamin (the three tribes) participated in a 400-year exodus and they accomplished God’s promise in peace, and the nine tribes hid this, how can anyone believe in anything the nine tribes claim to be the truth? But again, it is possible that God created the situation for lost souls, to give the masses a choice of evil or good. The nine tribes were allowed to deceive the world and claim they were “the chosen people”, and anyone who believed and supported this, denied the truth. In the End of Times, the spirit of Aseneth gives a last chance for all to repent, by her name, “City of Refuge”, and through her spirit.                                                                   
     When there have been secrets, deception, and edits in any holy book, it is like taking a carved statue and re-carving it for an entirely different smaller person. In this case concerning the holy books, the only way to find the literal truth is by a prophet or an apocalypse. [Apocalypse is defined as an “uncovering or revelation of a hidden thing, revealed by God to a chosen prophet”.]All have not only predicted messiahs to come in the End of Times, but also all predicted their messiahs will bring the truth and reveal the lies. This may sound harsh, but evil has no limits, and today [2010], we are in the End of Times. As I write this, there are a few short years (more than most know) until the real 2012, and judgment has already been completed. The good and true things in the holy books shall remain, and the authentic people, such as true rabbis, priests, and nuns, will not only have their place, but when they comprehend what has taken place, they will realize it is what they—and the people—have been praying for.   
     Humanity has only a few Hail Mary passes to save itself. Being plastic and fake will not benefit anyone at this point. People have got to get their acts together, and the majority must struggle to follow The Way.  The bottom line is: Save your soul, for soon it may be all that you have left, and one minute saving yourself is priceless, especially if it keeps you from nonexistence. It is so dire that if you can retire early, just do it and work on your soul. Healthcare, wars, and bad government are ultimately nothing at all, for they will not save the only thing that can live forever. Thus, especially when life may be over in less than a generation, it is essential that people learn to prioritize in life: spirit first, soul next, and lastly, the physical body.   
     The majority of humanity fully embraced the material world and chaos, which left everything up to their arriving messiahs. Therefore, even though people claim to follow the tenets of their chosen religions, their actions disprove this. Instead, most people are misinformation specialists who, in turn, torture their messiahs’ souls to a level that surely the Maker sees their tears. Many blame extreme Zionists and the Church for their actions and claim they were mind-controlled; a few may have a point. However, even the lowest soul can overcome the highest evil when it concerns Truth and God. Therefore, the Creator must teach a severe lesson, for such laziness and easy acceptance of evil.        
     Yes, humanity was tricked. But perhaps the bigger question is: Did God or evil trick them? This is an amazing way to filter out individuals who have chosen evil. Even if you were tricked, you still could have denied evil simply by lying to it and accepting the sin. Did you lie or did you accept? If you went to the side of evil, you only have to look at your present life to know.                        
     Yet, there is a saving grace even for your kind. Follow The Way. But do not try to fool The Way, for it will really hurt you in ways you cannot even imagine, for understand, you are dealing with God and real things here and not just a belief anymore. In other words, holy books exist that claim to be nonfiction but are, in actuality, Disney-like visions of reality, claiming to be real or convincing the senses this is reality, but it is not.         
     Think about it for a moment.  If you were evil, how would you actually control the masses? First, lie to them and make it so that fear controls their hearts, minds, and actions. For example, the Inquisition and Dark Ages were so evil that early Americans immigrated to the Americas to escape religious persecution; yet, soon the Church and its ruthless viewpoints either slaughtered or enslaved Native Americans. And, out of all the peace treaties negotiated with Native Americans, not one was kept.
One thing does lead to another and deception should be a warning sign.
* * * * * * *
Three words were “adjusted” to support dark violence.
     The words End of Times [end of days], apocalypse, and Armageddon were quickly twisted, and for more than 2,000 years, this has produced evil, all because extreme Zionists and the Church claimed it was utterly the word of God.                                                                                                        
     The word Armageddon was used only one time [in the book of Revelation]. As explained in detail in Ancient Voices, the true meaning of Armageddon, like the accurate locationof Succoth—the final destination of the biblical Exodus, has been hidden, twisted, and/or associated with unrelated words and places by religious leaders, misdirecting believers to meanings that are misrepresentations and false. The ones who misguided the masses were undoubtedly brilliant, but a lie is wrong, and when it is evident that they perpetuated the lie intentionally, it is utterly evil, especially when it may be a basis for the end of humanity. The word Armageddon was only used in the Bible the one time described above, and when organized religion claimed this was the word of God and its perception was the only answer, fear ruled the heart of man. Is it any wonder why anyone researching searched for a similar violent prediction?                                                                                           
     This is proof positive evil has been mankind’s Pied Piper. Look at how we have heard over and over about Nostradamus and so many other similar predictions, when most of them are like “Revelation”—vague.  Nearly anything can be formed out of anything where lies rule. When Truth is spoken or written, it is not vague but direct. Think about this: Evil is illusion, lies, and clearly chaos, and it always has strings attached. Vagueness usually follows lies; things just do not add up. Vagueness comes from illusion and chaos. However, with Good it is real, and you know it. You can sense it. It is the truth. It is the opposite of chaos. Things make common sense and there are no strings attached.           
     Why would Good/God explain to a prophet such illusionary things that one has to wonder if the prophet was on drugs, especially when God knows mankind has a negative past. Even the simplest-minded common man could figure out that humanity would choose the side of violence over peace, just from the vagueness and past knowledge. God would surely project a positive prophecy. Vagueness comes from illusion and chaos.                    
     Have you ever come across a habitual liar? Once you are around such people long enough and you realize the situation, eventually their vagueness turns into illusion, and once questioned, such people have huge egos, and accusations will follow, for that is the only way they can muster any form of defense. This is why Ancient Voices includes a worldly prophecies chapter, for many tribes in the world are not vague and sometimes they are exact, even providing specific dates, and sometimes this evidence is mind-boggling. Also, many people have become doubtful about prophecies due to their vagueness and the media’s selection of programs on the prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, biblical, and so on..                                                                             
     Everyone has the right to be told the full truth.
A vital misunderstanding
Apocalypse and Armageddonmean the opposite of destruction
Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon. The 7th angel poured out of his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, “It is done!”  [Revelation 16:16]
     Today, the word Armageddon is frequently used as a synonym for the word Apocalypse, as if the two words had the same meaning. This is evidenced by the fact that you could write a sentence about the apocalypse/Armageddon and use either word, and the reader would understand it as the same thing. Yet, apocalypse means, “a disclosure of something hidden dominated by a falsehood”. However, the derivation of the Greek word Armageddon comes from the words, har and Megiddo, thus meaning “Mount Megiddo”. Har means a “hill or mountain” and Megiddo is often believed to be an area in the land of Manasseh, the son of Joseph’s wife, Aseneth [City of Refuge], a “place surrounded by hills” [in Hebrew, har m?giddô]. But, there is also a common meaning for Megiddo; in gender the word is feminine and it means “laying a treasure bare”, “his precious fruit”, “declaring a message”, or “a hill meeting place”; thus, it has frequently been interpreted to mean “house of assembly”. The Hebrew meaning of synagogue is also a “house of assembly”. Therefore, the real meaning of Armageddon is associated with Aseneth and her three Cities of Refuge, and the three true Hebrew temples where anyone can seek refuge in the holy house of assembly [the temple]. Read Ancient Voices to discover more about the location of the spirit of Aseneth [City of Refuge], for she is the Holy Temple. Hint: It is not in the Middle East, and not long ago, the Statue of Liberty held the spirit.
However, if we look through the Bible, the word Armageddon is most likely to mean “the Tabernacle”.          
So it is a temple.
The third one?
No, and here’s why.
     The word “mow’ed”, which is defined in Strong’s Dictionary of Bible Words as “an assembly, a congregation, an appointed meeting place”, is commonly used to describe the Hebrew Tabernacle, so let’s dig more into the word Tabernacle.
     In Isaiah, it is said that Satan would “sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north”.  This is a reference to Mount Moriah, the site of the Temple of God in Jerusalem, also known as “mow’ed. Satan’s stated goal [Isaiah 14:13] is to gain control at this location and to be like God—to rule the temple in Jerusalem. In Hebrew, the term “satan” [root word s’tn] appears often, and this word actually means “to oppose”. Many early Christians and New Testament writers relied upon the Septuagint translation into Greek of the Old Testament and ancient Hebrew texts. In fact, the Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek utilized by the early Christian church translated as “Satan” as diaboloc, from which the English term “devil” and “diabolic” derive. Thus, the Church turned the meaning from “oppose” to “diabolic” to “devil”.
This was the factual birth of the Devil, so you can relax.
 There is no Devil . . . only your own evil.
     Putting this in context, it says that those who opposeshall sit upon the seat in the Tabernacle (temple) in Jerusalem.
     So, who are “those who oppose”? Those who opposed Joseph and Aseneth? In fact, Joseph and Aseneth were the ones who fulfilled God’s 400-year promise/prophecy for the Hebrews, and their three temples were built in three cities; therefore, they were the true “Chosen Ones”. Those who oppose were the tribe of Levi and the eight other tribes, who all later claimed to be theChosen Ones. But, for the most part, they were so traumatized by the Levites that they suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. [See Ancient Voices for more details.] In essence, the Sanhedrin consisted of the leaders who oppose.                                                                                   
     But was there a Tabernacle before Jerusalem? The first Moses Tabernacle was erected at Gilgal, where it remained for fourteen years. Next, it was moved to Shiloh, where it stayed for 369 years. In this Tabernacle rested the Ark of the Covenant. Shiloh was a city in the hill-country in the land of Ephraim. Ephraim was the son of Joseph who received the firstborn inheritance; therefore, his tribe was the true one for the priesthood. Considering the tribe of Ephraim, the original Tabernacle, and the Ark of the Covenant, this makes it the holy temple of Israel. The first temple in Jerusalem employed its chosen Sanhedrin for its priesthood, and it was the Sanhedrin who opposedwho sat upon the seat in the Tabernacle in Jerusalem.                                                           
     It was the so-called holy ones, including the Sanhedrin, the Church, extreme Zionists, and the nine tribes, who misguided us into believing in words that they actually covered-up or changed into the most destructive meanings possible. Learning the factual truth is not only imperative, but it may mean the end of all of humanity if it is not taken seriously.
     The “Great Sanhedrin” was the supreme court of ancient Israel, consisting of 71 leaders and/or priests— 70 elders who were led by Moses, for a total of 71 members.
     Research indicates that most everyone agrees that Sanhedrin means “Sin-hadrin”. Today’s Jewish leaders also claim that the first word sin refers to the Torah that was received at Mount Sin-ai. As the nine tribes have done so many times, they add or delete things to fit their needs, but here, it is difficult to accept their explanation. They claim it means Sinai by adding -ai, but this is entirely out of context and a different word altogether. In other words, if Sin-hadrin actually meant Sinai-hadrin, it would have been written, “Mount Sinai-hadrin”, which was not the case in the numerous times the word was used in the Torah.     
     So what does hadrin mean? Hadrin means “glorification”, and extensive research reveals there are no other meanings. Sin was later changed to “samekh”. Sin might also mean “son’im hadarath pan’im b’din”, or  “foes [opposing litigant] give respect for honor to its judgment”.
     The Ancient Hebrew Research Center [http://www.ancient-hebrew.org] contends that the meaning of sin is to “miss”, as in missing a target [www.ancient-hebrew.org/20_poetry.html]. Therefore, if sin means “to miss the target”, the full meaning of Sanhedrin could be interpreted as “to miss the target in glorification”. This is in keeping with the meaning that is in Isaiah where Satan would “sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north”. This refers to Mount Moriah, the place of the Temple of God in Jerusalem or “mow’ed”.  Therefore, those who oppose (Satan) claimed they would sit upon the mount of the congregation in Jerusalem, and the ones who did were ones to miss the target in glorification—the Sin-hadrin (Sanhedrin). This is fascinating, for this is exactly what the evidence shows the tribes actually did.
     Understand that this definition is in agreement with the words of Jesus and the beliefs of the Qumran community. They claimed that the Temple in Jerusalem was polluted—a place of divine law violators who defiled God’s sanctuary and in actuality opposed God.
Uncovering the word parallelism, which means expressing one idea into two different ways.
So now we know that a few words like Satan, Apocalypse, and Armageddon can bring chaos, and those who opposed the true Temple were the Sanhedrin. I can explain The Way, for now you see how the basic words that were used have misdirected some very important things, even in your life today.
     The religion of the ancient Egyptians is one of the major reasons ancient Egyptian civilization was so advanced and the Egyptians were able to design and build such amazing monuments. The construction of these long-standing ancient monuments continues to baffle today's educated minds because of a lack of understanding of their religion. Let us now focus mainly on ancient Egypt’s religious beliefs concerning The Way. First, the religion worked from the bottom up. The pauper to the noble did the usual prayers, but often magic was intermixed, so as to commune with their god or goddess through their temple, which went through the priests, which hopefully went through and to their king and queen, who were the representatives of God as one. This is a side of the coin of the stairway to Heaven where the uneducated receive the same as the wealthy (yet this was not always true for members of the priesthood were often corrupt). One of the most important things concerning any Egyptian’s life would have been the goddess Maat, for she was Truth, and without truth there must be chaos. The next thing would be for anyone to pray and spell for The Way to be present in his/her life. The Way was similar to a pathway that was unique for each individual. It is like when someone is born; The Way has already been drawn out for the person’s entire life, much like Google directions from one place to another or a spiritual Global Positioning System (GPS). The prayers and magic applied were like putting a person on a train and following the tracks. Following The Way was difficult, but as you grew, hopefully you remained on track. You must understand that the closer you follow The Way, the easier it becomes, and if an entire nation is also following this path, this is oneness and greatness where majestic things can happen.                    

* * * * * * *
     The word Islam from its Arabic root means “Salema”, which means “purity, obedience, peace, and submission”. To submit to The Way is surely to give yourself up to God. If you are a Muslim, total submission is given to God.  If you are a Christian, total submission to God is the Christian message. If you are Jewish, total submission to God is also the main message.
     Yes, be it Allah, Jehovah, Abba, Jesus, or even the Great Mother, God is God unless you make God something other than God. If you believe in a system teaching about God and you see its history to be violent, you have been shown your task. Yet, I challenge anyone out there who states he/she knows God, for in all religions God is beyond the beyond, unknowable, and will remain that way except with the Anointed One, with the Ghost of God, which is feminine and male. Then, they will only know the person chosen to carry the Ghost of God, so such a deity will never be seen directly, at least as far as planet Earth and humanity are concerned. The beginning phase of seeing God is the spirit world, and there may be almost infinite levels about this one. Yet, the best way to see God would be for all humanity to totally submit their lives to God, and I imagine within a few generations, they would see God nearly everywhere. 
Life was not meant to be this way and the answer is simple:
Are you going to even ask for The Way?
     For majestic things to be accomplished by any society like ancient Egypt, The Way is the best way.  Egypt did this by uniting the social consciousness in spirit as one. Rome did it rather well, but some of its success was undoubtedly due to Greece. The connection on their behalf was strictly by their religion, and one can see this simply by their amazing success with their theaters, libraries, literature, and art. But when you look into their architecture, in some ways they surpassed Egypt. Look at their amphitheatre, catacombs, Pantheon, Hadrian’s Wall, all the temples, basilicas, arches, baths, calendar, roads, and the most incredible, which still work to this day—the aqueducts. For a while Rome worked by The Way, but once Christianity (which was the Church and had very little to do with the words of Jesus) began to rule, The Way was tossed out with the clean bath water, and soon Rome began to fade and lose to evil and greed. This is so sad for Rome could have achieved amazing things, for if they remained near the oneness, perhaps the Holy Wars, Dark Ages, Plague, and the Inquisitions never would have happened! Unite the amazing things that the Arabs were doing in these times and imagine the numbers of Galileos, Michelangelos, and Leonardo Da Vincis who would have existed! Yes, Rome always had its darkness, but that is how society walks into the light.                                                                 
     Look at what was just said and picture America as today’s Rome. Which way will America go? Will America make the Dark Ages look like child’s play? Perhaps, if it follows the accepted path on which it is currently.
     To explain more about The Way. Take a crew of sculptors, all working on a giant statue. Be it only one sculptor or many, this demands The Way. But in some cases many worked in harmony where the size of the head was in perfect proportion with the rest of the body. Did they measure or did they get into the flow of the job? And is this The Way? It is evident when you look at the entire picture of ancient Rome.                                         
     I cannot say if Rome literally carried out The Way exactly like ancient Egypt, but it had to be similar. I do know that Egypt was spiritually evolved by the time the Greeks and later Rome rose to prominence. In essence, their religion was in an ascended mode compared to all others of the time, for the evolving Greek empires and Rome recognized the greatness in Egypt and embraced it. I do know that temples to Isis were in London, Spain, France, the Holy Land, Iraq, Island of Delos, Island of Santorini, Turkey, Hungry, Germany, Pompeii, Greece, Rome, and on the northern coastline of Africa. Her mystery religion was held in high regard in the Greco-Roman culture. The religion of Isis was even closely linked to Roman Legions.                                    
     Isis was the queen of queens in ancient Egypt, and when Christianity emerged, the myth of Isis shaped the image of Mother Mary. There were many similarities in the two myths, such as in Isis temples you could find Nile “holy water”, the sacrament of the Eucharist, the Trinity, and the Resurrection. Even Mary and the Immaculate Conception correspond to “Immaculate is our Lady Isis”. The son of Isis, Horus, and the son of Mary, Jesus, were both called “the Good Shepherd”. In summary, the latter religion was superimposed directly over the other, and with the myth of Isis expanding to nearly all over the Mediterranean area and Europe, it is safe to assume that the entire Mediterranean up to the early Church time period, did follow The Way. With the spread of Osiris and Isis beyond the time of Rome, is it any wonder why so many amazing things took place?                        
     Consider the statement that we all know well, “All roads lead to Rome”. Think about this. Roman soldiers built all the roads, which were constructed stone by stone or by pavement. In total, there were nearly 300,000 miles of road built! This is similar to building a road from the east coast of America to the west coast, one hundred times! The Way had to be present.                                                                                                 
     Today, with our Judeo-Christian background, when you look at one of ancient Egypt’s temples, you tend to think it was like a large church. True, there are rituals done in our modern temple, but for the most part, they open and close like every business. The ancient Egyptian temple was open 24/7, and although many priests and priestesses worked about the same number of months as today’s teachers with their summer off, the temples were always bustling with activities. Rituals were always being performed, accompanied by massive incense smoking away; many rituals were for things like The Way. Perhaps one ritual might have been to assist the workmen of the crew Ra, for they have been stricken with a sickness and The Way is not wayn’ with the crew [i.e., the crew was not working in union with the united path of The Way and thus illness has struck its members.] Or perhaps people in general are forgetting Maat and chaos reigns. Chaos is like a dark cloud overhead, so a ritual is performed to send energy, and they pray to Maat to change the potentially destructive rain and flood situation (collective chaos) to a more creative, positive situation. Or maybe the king is young and was not schooled to be the heir apparent but due to unforeseen circumstances he now rules; the priesthood must now live with a heavy load until the king is taught. Thus, the temples were busy even in good times, and the key to operating the nation so it flows like the Nile was to keep The Way in balance. The Way was one key focus of all leaders.
     A perfect case in point where The Way was suddenly ended in Egypt happened when Amenhotep III was close to death. The priesthood gathered and informed Amenhotep’s heir, Akhenaten, that he had a tremendous amount of things to learn and he had to begin immediately. Akhenaten, never schooled on the tasks to be a king, utterly refused and trouble began. Soon, he simply ordered all the temples closed and established his one god, Aten, as the only deity to be worshipped. The priesthood went into a rage saying that if he did this, there would be no Maat and chaos would ensue, like an endless swarm of locusts. This came to pass and within a few years, Nefertiti instructed other gods to be accepted. Akhenaten eventually became friends with Horemheb, who was well-schooled in being a king, for Horemheb was of royal blood and being prepared by Nefertiti, Ay, Ramose, Amenhotep the son of Hapu, and the priesthood. Even though Akhenaten listened to Horemheb’s guidance most of the time, Horemheb needed to focus on his role with the army. Soon Egypt fell into chaos. Moses fully grasped the significance of the situation, for upon his return to Egypt, he knew exactly how to undermine Akhenaten.                                                                                                                                                         
     The key to The Way was friendship, but above all was love. It was similar as being in the military today, where there is a brotherhood with all veterans. There is such a bond between military personnel, even years down the line. Egyptian work crews had to work like in today’s sports, when it is NFL playoff season and things become burdened with deadlines. Teams were named after their gods, which in itself speaks of The Way, and they always gave it their best to outdo the other teams.                                                                                        
     The Way’s power was love, and romance was rarely forgotten. Love poems and sonnets from those ancient times still exist, and when love is in a man and a woman’s heart, amazing things can happen. In other cultures and religions that do not follow The Way, it is instantly apparent, for what they consider great buildings and architecture speak loudly how they were built and why—and they are typically rather basic. You also can see The Way was lacking in these cultures and religions because of continuous violence, even within their tribes.      
     The national Egyptian bond was not like what we know today as flag waving, nor was it filled with mind control, for even the largest cities were like suburbs today, and village and family life was more closely bonded. It is not like today where neighbor rarely knows neighbor beyond mail pickups. Family members took care of one another, so if grandmother was getting old, the entire family shared the task of taking care of her, and when she finally went to Osiris, she could feel proud about her family. Today, it is common to send our elders to an assisted living facility and visit them a few times during the week, often forcing the elder to leave the home that he/she raised the family in and move to a place where it is like boot camp with lights out at eight and no one to share memories with.
     Read through history, and you will see the cultures that have constant trouble are missing something like The Way.Often their main thorn is poverty, not in wealth but soul.                                                                                     
     There are those who may say, “Oh, Zed is just using The Way as a synonym for utopia”. In response to this charge: How can you claim to know something that which you know nothing about? It would be better if you first prayed or meditated to learn if The Way is real, before you claim to be an expert. It would be better to judge by not putting spin on what is true, for surely you can judge by true history. Of course, you certainly cannot see in the past, for you just do not know. Therefore, after many have tried The Way and science has documented the results, then you can judge, but do not hire false, greedy scientists as was done with global warming. In the meantime, for the sake of your soul, understand that ignorance is always loud to the educated. The proper attitude would be to say things like, “I do not agree, so I will be waiting to see the truth. But I wish you well, for if this is real, then it was an error on my part.” 
     Following The Way will have a key aspect that the person will learn to follow. Maybe it might be a key word spoken, or maybe even a feeling when you meet someone. But one thing that should be with anyone following The Way is synchronicity. For instance, suppose you are driving down the road and hear a song about Dianna. You adjust the radio dial to tune in a different channel and soon hear a weather forecast—by Dianna.  Soon, you make a turn at a crossroads at Dianna Street. Later, when you walk into work you overhear a conversation in which someone states: “Dianna is their daughter”. This is synchronicity, and this is not always present, and it may be slightly different for everyone, but it is like a basic key with The Way. There is a spiritual world, and The Way connects you to it. When it is present, there is no doubt that it is The Way, for often it is so incredible that you cannot deny it, for it is out of the norm. It can be powerful, even at the beginning of your transformation. If you are not following The Way, there should be no synchronicity.                                                         
     To further explain The Way. Perhaps you have learned how to meditate and after a good meditation you find yourself doing a few things that were unusual for you, that seemed to come from elsewhere. At first, you wonder what that was all about, but soon you are back in the “normal” world. So, you walk to the street to roll the trash barrels back into your yard, but for whatever reason you stop and put one as if blocking the walkway to the front door of your home. You joke about how you are hopefully not losing it and then drive to the store wondering why you leaving, because your wife’s mother and father are due to arrive in a few minutes. Fifteen minutes later you return to see a large heavy branch from the tree that stands looming over your walkway has crashed onto the ground, and then you notice your in-laws just getting out of their car. You learn that they had been waiting in their car because your car was not in the driveway, and when they got out, they began to walk up the driveway—not the walkway—for the trash barrel was in the way. The falling branch could have killed them.                 
     Experience in life is vital with anything, but concerning The Way, there is no other way. If you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, or participate in any religion or have no religious affiliation at all, you can continue with your religion even while following The Way. The Way is a part of all religions that was taught by their founders. In fact, The Way will encourage you continuing with your religion and it will guide you through life to experience and strengthen your belief in the Creator. Many times Jesus attempted to explain this as: “Consider the lilies in the field. How they grow; how they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” [Matthew 6:28–29] What he was simply stating was that the lilies grow and know how to turn into the sunlight and do what they were created to do, but even a great man like Solomon toiled and did spin, or he was a great thinker and did not do what he was created to do.
     To learn by books is acceptable, but books have no life or spirit and experiencing something in real life is lasting for the soul. For The Way to operate in a reliable manner, the past way of living will change.  Everyone who has been enrolled in school has learned that to do anything you must think, and some of our smartest people have been thinkers. Yet, there is a better way, for once you are learned and skilled in something, some of the finest production in work does not come from thinking. Thinking is very limited for it is like making a computer program by what you believe to be the finest. But in today’s world, the true basics of life such as The Way have never been taught.
     In life, we choose role models, hoping to emulate the things we like or we feel are good about that person. Whether a hero, lover, or role model, relationships we create become part of the programming of our soul by our mind. Was your rabbi, priest, or preacher your role model? They should have been, for true spiritual souls radiate not only words of truth, but many also see such souls attract love, peace, and all the things they want. However, with the Catholic Church and its history of Holy Wars, Inquisitions, near-destruction of the Templars, and its persecution of entire races as in the Americas and the Pacific, people such as Martin Luther began to form other branches of Christianity. This is evidence that although the Church controlled nearly everything in Europe and other lands being discovered, some people had had enough. Today, there are the sex abuse scandals involving priests; these were covered up for years, and lies were even generated directly from the Vatican, yet many still remain like devoted zombies of the Church.
     Most modern-day societies’ role models are sports figures, singers, actors, politicians, and the rich and famous. This is because the masses believe they can serve God and mammon. In such troubling times, where are the people who normally carry on the teachings of people like Martin Luther, Gandhi, and so on? Humanity has become so corrupt that in its support of evil, those who naturally rise and lead are cut down before anyone even knows they exist. There are good role models today who do wonderful things, but the media usually focuses on a bad girl or a boy “on the wrong path”, for generally humanity relates with this and the media is a business, and what sells is what you see.
     Having role models is truly gambling with a part of your life. When someone follows a role model, usually there is a component of love. In fact, you can live nearly all of your life with someone then suddenly learn that nearly everything you thought about him/her was a lie; so, watch yourself and be wary if you are going to follow a role model and give a part of yourself away. What you are getting into is similar to the basic religion the ancient Egyptians followed with their gods, and that is why I say this, for many role models are not necessarily aligned with the spirit of the gods. Yes, the ancient gods were still only men and women just like ourselves, but their souls were far more evolved than the majority of role models today. Yet, their cultures were the first and we do not know much about them, except that ancient man called them “gods” for a reason. Furthermore, the history of man for the past three thousand years has been flirting with the “dark side” and not the light; therefore, today’s role models are spiritually separated by a great distance from the past gods.
     Some role models are “stars”, such as movie or music industry stars. It is intriguing that in the ancient world, people often related the gods with stars. Yet, one should be careful and not get so carried away with intense devotion and adoration that your admiration/love for a star evolves into worshipping him/her. Opening one’s heart releases an energy that needs to be controlled. So, there is a warning here, for you may be entering an unknown land.
     When someone enters the unknown land of adoration, love, or just thinking someone is awesome, there is one basic element involved—love. The power of love involves key words like emotions, affection, creativity, and attachment; it is the opposite of chaos and all the bad things. Love is powerful and guarantees one thing . . . that your life will be changed. The first thing that happens is when spirits link and a bond develops, but beware, for if you are a good soul and he/she is a bad soul, he/she will likely use you, for the linking can rub off and onto you. This is partly why people get so hurt in love affairs, for although a good person lays it all out in the open, the bad will not; bad people only mirror and lie, and they might use your very soul like a vampire sucking the power of your true love for themselves. One way to know if someone is a bad soul is after the parting. Do you feel weakened and/or violated, as if you were robbed of something?
     Yet, sometimes when both people involved in a relationship are experiencing a good and honest love, both wish to give everything to their lover; and if both souls possess different but good values, the union of these two souls makes a whole, and the growth of these two souls can be rapid. Understand that growth sometimes is the moment when a simple embrace lingers and you just do not want to part. This is due to the fact that their soul is everything you need and you are everything they need, and sharing souls makes you complete. After a little while together, a good way to grow is to have a child. This is the path to creating and guiding a soul. If the two people are following The Way when they fall in love, the child could easily surpass the parents in everything. But, child or no child, love can be one of the most addictive energies if it is not understood. In fact, in today’s chaotic world, love is often confused with sex, and although sex can temporarily relieve or pause the madness, it is a mask that hides—not heals—the root/reason for the problem. This near-madness can actually be used for growth, for when this is happening, the spirits are uniting as one, and this is when The Way really comes into play. It will guide the two to become one even if they are miles apart, for it involves a psychic aspect whereby one party might even sense his/her soul communicating to the other. This is “soul love” or what many refer to as their “soul mate”. It does not mean that going from life to life there is only one for you. It simply means that this soul mate is the one for you in this life. In another life if you meet another soul mate, there should be no shame, for you shared and loved and now you can share your soul again.
     This is very similar with following the spirit of the gods, for after working with a spirit or god for a while, the love hopefully is cycled and often this bonds the person to the god. As love is amazing, the life can take leaps and bounds [if there really is a spirit of the god].
     In ancient Egypt when you look at many murals of the deceased, their body is sometimes doubled in the background; this was called their ka. Often there are depictions where the ka meets a god and gives a gift, or the god sometimes gives them life by handing them an ankh. The ka is what we tend to refer to as the soul. When two perfect mates meet and if they had a loving relationship in a past life, their two kas will immediately embrace and the bodies will be taken over by the union. In essence, for a moment you are not in control and this should be understood, for despite the fact that a person may be married, the ka attraction can be so strong that the person is partly not to blame. It is the ignorance of accepted spirituality that may produce guilt, and this is wrong, for if they were deep lovers in another life, why should they not embrace? True, it is a troubling thing to suddenly be living with a mate and out of the blue you find yourself madly in love with another, but this is where The Way comes in, for a graceful parting would likely have happened and/or the meeting would likely have been comprehended. Also, the possibility does exist where the two mates have evolved and grown as far as they can together, and it is life’s way of saying it is time to move on, so this past lover or friend can continue to grow.
     The religion we have been taught is incomplete. If you condemn someone because of his/her infidelity based upon what you have been taught by your religion, this condemnation is also a sin. To condemn anyone for anything is not the place of man. In fact, all organized religion should instruct how to forgive.
     I know perhaps some of you are asking yourself: Is Zed implying that maybe this woman I just fell in love with was a male friend in a past life? Yes, and if you are a staunch Republican and you tout your religious beliefs onto others, it is likely that you are the one who is sinning, at least in this case. You must understand what you are dealing with here, for truth is always connected with the divine. Religion is mainly constructed and shaped by beliefs.
     However, perhaps your religion asserts and you believe that all gays and lesbians are sinners; yet, they are, at least, in touch with something within. It is odd, but every time an empire begins to crumble, gays and lesbians seem to flourish, and perhaps this is the final spiritual blow that the Roman Empire could not withstand. It is better if a party just disagrees but gives equal rights.
     For anyone to say someone else is a sinner for any reason says that they deem their religion above all others, and this tells me they are legally wrong from this point alone. Also, where does it say in the law that Christianity is above others? “And why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” [Matthew 7:3]
     Here is one thing that may help you better understand: Every man or women has an opposite, and Muhammad even once spoke about this. Within your soul is the opposite sex. Have you ever looked at a woman and seen a man, or observed a man only to see the woman in him? With women, often during hard times such as war, their male aspect begins to dominate. It is there, for sure, so if you are a Christian who scolds gays and lesbians for being true to a part of their own self, you have done an injustice, even if based upon your religious beliefs. It is similar to babies when they are born, for often you can see what they might look when really old before death, for the open door from their last world is still fresh. Also understand that after a death, souls can unite as one, but it takes following The Way. I suggest those who know they are true leaders do this to prepare for the future, when humanity will need strong leaders to lead during times of predicted upcoming upheavals and change.
     Actually, this is what it is all about: to unite as one until you are complete. As humanity evolves, if it makes it through what is presently waiting around the corner, eventually both sexes will unite within, and when this takes place after many lives, a true ascension may happen. Ascension means that humans evolve in spirituality, just like man evolved from a single cell. In every stage as a single cell, once it has evolved fully, it may rebirth as more cells and so on, until it possibly grows into a baby human. The same should happen in human spirituality, but for over 3,000 years, humanity has not evolved but in many ways has gone backwards. But they are still human beings, even though their spiritual consciousness may be no better than a plant’s or a monkey’s consciousness. By now, humanity was meant to evolve to the point of many souls ascending (evolving) to the next level of spirituality beyond man. Be it in another dimension or a higher plane in spirit, this is ascension—another world altogether in a level of spirituality.
     Moreover, life was meant to be lived via The Way and not the path of chaos caused by organized religion, which refers to itself as the so-called voice of God. But is it? Judge by its actions. Some of the characteristics of humanity’s current chaotic path includes but is not limited to a life filled with laws, greed, reasons to kill, and so forth.
     Today’s role models are likely to be unaware of a psychic link between souls and/or spirits. And often we see role models break down and succumb to substance abuse, whether it be drugs, drinking, or even too much sex. Sometimes, the role model is simply being overwhelmed and influenced by his/her followers.  Perhaps sometimes the energy is bad with no love present. Or, sometimes it can be where too many admirers are so devout, they send too much love in the person’s direction. Yet, the bottom line here is, when there’s no education on such vital things to do with life, and no one is following The Way, everything just is experienced. Even after a love affair ends, they may feel distraught; they still have no clue as to why they got so damaged. And as previously stated, where is organized religion on the basic matter of love? It should, at least, understand and teach such things. And yes, The Way would teach the reason for the hurt.
     As for role models. Most people take a specific thing from this person and a little from that person, and they incorporate it as their life. Maybe a man has an appearance of power and he has a beard, so you try to grow one. Or maybe you want to have hair like Beyonce’s. Or perhaps a singer strikes a chord with you and so you try karaoke, for what you accept becomes part of your life.
     As you grow up you take your program [your life plan or envisioned future] and insert it into this world with its laws and demands. Soon you realize that in this material world, money is clearly success and power.  However, within a few years you may realize becoming anything like your role models is next to impossible, and by now you owe so much money due to college, purchase of a home and/or car, and maybe the cost of having and raising children, that you know your put-together life just will not happen. This is mostly due to the severe debt that life nowadays demands. You may realize that you are trapped and you cannot get out. Politics, the banking industry, the corporate world, religion, and advertising just were not in your original life plan.
     In other words, your “program” is like software for a computer, but in this case, it is for your brain. Your software is made up from role models and other influences. You take a little thing here, a big thing there. But, this is where organized religion truly failed, for it should have taught people the importance of understanding and being your self and searching within. We all have past lives, and to deny this can destroy all that you are. In fact, seeing a role model doing something that you like may mean you were like that in a previous lifetime. If you go within, the energy will cycle within. If you choose to “exterior shop” to make up your soul, this is foolish, for it gives away energy through devotion and sometimes, even through friendships.
     There are things you were never told about, and they are so powerful that your program of life cannot even begin to fight back. More details about this later, but suffice to say, the educational system should incorporate more into planning real life, including spirituality, especially while students are still underage and learning. There should also be separate and practical classes on life and living. These should be in two parts: (1) classes on desiring a material life and its success, and (2) classes based on The Way, which is the classroom of life.
     We are told that thinking is good, but inventors, lyricist, musicians, authors, and even Einstein got their finest thoughts from not thinking. Thinking is only good as your selected program, and in today’s world the playing field is tough, for it seems as though everyone is thinking and fighting each other. Think about it: How does an inventor get an idea or how did Michelangelo do such amazing things? How does a prophet get his/her ideas? Do you actually believe that the Creator did not put something like The Way into creation, and we are supposed to go to our local priest, guru, or rabbi for guidance? If you believe that, then judge them by their actions, and if they are aligned with divine providence to give you the exact answer to life’s many questions, then why are such ancient questions still today being asked today?
     When you’re following The Way, you connect to your spirit within, through the soul, and are able to tap knowledge learned in previous lives. If you are a “gifted” artist or musician who seems to have “natural” ability, you are undoubtedly able to connect to knowledge learned in other lives. The bottom line concerning The Way:When you know how to do something, you actually may find yourself on autopilot. It is like riding a bike or driving a car, for you are actually not thinking there is a stop sign ahead. It is automatic for you learned not in a school but in real life. Remember as you learned how to drive, as you became more proficient you relaxed, and soon, on went the radio and you had a drink in the holder.
     When learning The Way, at this point where you are relaxed, do not fire up the mind; instead, silence it. This is a method to attract The Way, but it is different with everyone. In essence, becoming a spiritual zombie is at least bringing what we seek—happiness and love. And just because spiritual people may not be talking on their cell phone nearly everywhere or hitting the local pub all the time does not mean they are wrong. The more the mind is silenced, the better. The still-small voice of God can only be heard or followed if you stop doing things all the time. One vital aspect here is where a constant thinker will even be sitting and he/she will be thinking—usually on trivial things, for the thinking process when deep cannot shut down. This is an energy thief for the mind does use energy to run. Following The Way is basically living with a silent mind, and it invokes or receives energy. In other words, a busy mind is a thief—it not only takes energy but also shuts out The Way and the still-small voice within that some call God. Remember college nights and days where you were thinking all the time and how draining it was? Imagine if you hardly thought during your lifetime and your heart did it all.
     Following The Way fully is where you actually do not have to dig into memory all that much, for you just do The Way. Although you may begin to wonder if your past memory will even be there, it actually is, but occasionally it may take a short while to return, and when it does, the memory comes with details. It is difficult to say exactly where it comes from; maybe like a memory in zipped file or whatever, but it works. Yet, while following The Way there are times you cannot remember a name and your mind is so blank you know the word you seek will not surface. Later you may remember the name but understand that it is likely you did not remember the name earlier due to the fact that when you speak a name you invoke the place or person’s energy.  It is possible that forgetting the name means that you should not recall it at that time; protection is the key here, for you and/or the other person. Many times out of the blue, I would suddenly think of someone and know they were talking about me. Later, I would learn how that person met someone and they mentioned how an old friend asked how I was doing.
     What I am saying here is, that chaos presently has its way with you. The more chaos, the more time has its way with you, for time and chaos are one and the same. Look at life in America in the Sixties; time did not totally have its way with people as it does today. From the hippies to the music, freedom was on the march. Yet today, everyone would agree that there does not seem to be enough time to do everything. This is social burnout, and this is deep chaos. It would be for the better to drastically reduce material needs, which would include one parent remaining at home during their child’s early formative years, for presently parental guidance is lacking, and the truth is we must sacrifice even more for our children today. This is due to the need for two to work just to survive, but day care in no way replaces parental guidance. Perhaps Mark Twain said it best: “When you find yourself in the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”
     In 1982 when I was learning The Way, I experienced synchronicity in bursts and often it was overwhelming. On one such day I was in the local library researching ancient Egypt. I went to the Dewey Decimal System card file and to look up something. The Way slammed me with something and my mind went blank. I found myself looking at the card file, then all the other drawers in the long aisle. Next, I thought how big the card files were in Boston’s main public library, and a nearby college also had many. I found myself thinking if there were a way to gather all of the card files as one, the accumulated knowledge would be vast. Then, I thought about the computer my friend had just installed into my car, how I wired all the relays, and how the cassette tape was the program; its noises, like dots and dashes, functioned as its program. [We have technologically advanced so far in three decades!] I remember contemplating if there were any feasible way to take all these card files and the books they represented and enter the gathered information into a computer? Suddenly, I remembered how we also had a computer on the phone line, enabling us to talk to other people across America. Would a computer give us a way for someone to ask and quickly find out about a book on the healing methods in the ancient world? I saw us talking to other people far away, so why could we not make a book program and just send it? The Way puts your life into a space and time that is truly amazing. At the time, I thought it was a lesson, but it took years to see the power of the lesson—synchronicity. In a few years, the Internet arrived, and even today, many libraries are still in the process of going digital.
Meditation and Prayer
     Yes, meditation is a good thing as is prayer. Chanting, an uncomplicated, repeated vocal rhythm, is a method of simple meditation used in many religions. It has been around for more than 5,000 years and involves controlling your breathing and focusing your mind. And yes, it may make some feel good or even high, but you would be far better to spend time learning the seriousness of the situation and meditate or pray in the meantime.  Magic can also be helpful, but to dabble and/or learn and attempt The Way would be foolish. Even if you are highly skilled in what you call “magic”, I still would not suggest it, for if and when The Way begins, you will find it most natural and magical. Yes, an initial spell for The Way to arrive may be helpful, but unless The Way has you doing magic—do not, for you are in a big league/reality now.
     Why does the priesthood not assist The Way? Even if they convince you they know what it is and they can help, be wary. Understand that if they know The Way, why does all the chaos exist in this world? In fact, do not follow anyone, for with The Way you become the role model and you gain as well as everyone. In other words, as you grow so does everyone. Eventually, The Way becomes like a guardian angel.
Above everything, you must truly want The Way and ask for it.
     This is The Way, but I must stress that anyone can do it. If you try without prayers, spells, or a hardworking priesthood, it still can be done. But if there was a working ladder, The Way becomes easier, and the more people who do it, naturally the better. If the majority were doing it, people would soon lose their bad habits, such as eating and drinking too much, and drug use would fade due to the happier souls. One of the problems with addiction is where life is actually The Way, and it will cycle the same thing over and over until you get it right. However, following The Way, you might have an experience that scares the bejesus right out of you, so it becomes easier to kick, for understand that The Way only gives what you need. Love affairs would more than likely have happened by The Way,and marriages would last. The issue of abortion would also fade, for now the material way of life does not have its sting and life becomes like the greatest present you ever received. The need for material things would fade simply due to the fact that you are not following your old pathway of chaos. Disease would begin to fade, for more people and resources would be available. And violence would surely begin to fade for the anger that chaos produces would be only a forgotten memory. The environment would become an issue because respect for nature would flourish, along with the knowledge and the reasons as to its link with human life. War would stop, for people would now be living with capabilities similar to psychic abilities, for The Way can give this. And here is the big thing: If the parents of a child followed The Way, their child would hardly need any instruction for The Way in the future, for it was in their life even before birth.
     The truth is, if you want The Way to be an instant wave of the fairy’s magic wand, visit Disney World. But if you are willing to work hard to make it work, it is something that will be worth it in the long run. Even if you finally obtain it and the next day you die, your cut path is not wasted, for it will follow you into the next life.
Subliminal advertising blocks The Way
     There is an area in subliminal advertising, which you may not want to accept for it is shocking. The use of magic spells is, with no doubt, at all employed in today’s advertising. Actually, it was used by organized religion for thousands of years, with the addition of fear, which drives the spell even deeper.  The definition of magic is “the practice of consciousness manipulation and/or autosuggestion to achieve a desired result, usually by techniques described in various conceptual systems. The practice is often influenced by ideas of religion, mysticism, occultism, science, and psychology.” [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_(paranormal)] Magic is all around you—in politics, religion, and the wealthiest and most powerful of them all, the corporate world. In essence, they do put a spell on you and it is so refined, that it is likely you did not even have a clue. Upsetting? It should be.
     Magic is not always a bad thing, but in truth only people who are balanced and following truth should even think of using it. Also, when magic is being cast upon you, the only way to stop or counteract it is to use magic. Magic is touched upon in Ancient Voices, and in truth, I should write a manuscript on this subject, but there are more pressing issues today.
     In the early 1980s, I kept reading ancient Egyptian texts and the Bible; constantly there were statements relating to magic. There were so many references that I realized if I was going to comprehend what was being said, I had to learn what magic really was. Finally, I decided to locate a well-known witch and ask her if she could teach me ancient Egyptian magic . . . and she did. If there is a bottom line concerning magic, many people would not want to know, for although it is hardly like Hollywood’s depiction, it is very real and very powerful. If you think wearing a cross or hitting the holy water will protect you, think again. Why? Because it is all around you, and all you have to do is turn on the radio or television. Toss your ego out on this one, for yes, perhaps you are a strong soul, but we are not talking about witches and their small covens; we are talking about conglomerate corporations, government, truly brilliant think tanks, and scientific research companies investigating the mind. In all honesty, some witches are really good people and actually many are connected to nature, which is a good thing. Yes, there also are witches that are as dark as it gets, but usually you can see them from a mile away and many make no bones about it.
     Just a quick note on the word magic. There are two areas called magic, and one that I have not discussed is magician magic or illusionists. Their methods are also deeply employed in advertising. Although the names are different, from Houdini, Penn and Teller, Copperfield, Blaine, and so on, the methods are nearly the same. The main difference with illusionists is the truth, for this is their admitted job, while politicians, religions, and corporate executives hide behind veils of lies. Now, do not misunderstand me; not all corporative executives are bad, for just look at Paul Newman and his business where he made a good product and nice profit and still gave a percentage to the needy. Actually, from 1982 to 2009, Newman gave more than $280 million to charity. He displayed to the world that you can run a trustworthy business, still make money, and still give some away to people who need it. It is time for more Newmans in this world to put the evil empires out of business and to bring total morality.
     In order to learn The Way, you first must see the world for what it truly is and not for what you want to see. Magic, in my way of thinking, is only for an enlightened world, and as I look out there I see a darkened world that is on the brink of destroying itself. If there is a way to see what our governmental institutions and our religions are actually doing to us, then read on. I will state that once you comprehend what is being said here and you foolishly talk to others about this, many will reject or chuckle at your words, and this is partly due to the fact that you touched something in their soul and their ego is flaring out to protect from losing their cherished chaotic world of materialism. Just understand how deep this subject is, for no one likes to learn how his/her world is actually a hopeless dream and the promised yellow brick road never really existed.
     Subliminal advertising was used in the late 1950s and it worked. Its simple form is where unseen flashes of pictures would display but only the subconscious would gather the information, for you would not actually see it. In other words, the message does not register consciously—only subconsciously, imprinting in the brain. There is also an audio version that can include the use of anything audio, such as store background music, radio, or television. Many claim that negative images work best. Some countries quickly banned subliminal advertising. In fact, the United Nations conducted a study and concluded, “The cultural implications of subliminal indoctrination is a major threat to human rights through out the world”. In the 2000 presidential campaign, there was an advertisement for G. W. Bush that showed words from the foreground to the background on a television screen. The word BUREAUCRATS flashed on the screen, but one frame showed only the last part—RATS. The FCC has the final say regarding the use of subliminal advertising in America, but not much is being done to enforce the law. 
Submissive State of Being 
     We all know that to repeat something at least three times will help to remember it. Do you recall when you were younger and learned the times tables; this is long-term memory. Remember college days when we all learned about Pavlov’s dog and how repetition connects a trigger, whether by smell, taste, shape, color, or other factors. How about getting caught talking in school and having to stay after school and write a thousand times, “I will not talk in class”. But those were childhood days and they were hardly dangerous . . . or are they? Then again, the basic educational process has been based upon rote memorization, and after twelve years of education [not talking about college] when you hit the work force, very little that was learned applies to life and work. With math, spelling, geography, and nearly any subject it is not critical anymore for there are computers and Google. Therefore, the general populace learned one major thing that they do use in life—rote memorization, and when mixed with mind control, subliminal messages, and advertising with its repetitive ads, it is frightening. The definition of rote memorization is, “Learning a technique that avoids understanding a subject, but instead focuses on memorization”. Another meaning is, “memorization by repetition”. Twelve years of learning, and rote memorization is by far the deepest lesson ever in your life. In a moral society, advertising would be only on advertising channels and only the good points of a product would be advertised, with no subliminal messages.
     Speaking of subliminal messages in advertising brings up mind control. When referring to mind control, it is often associated with science fiction, but it is very real. George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World come to mind; few readers are aware that these books were based on theories and ideas that have been propagated for decades by members of the scientific community and the social elite. In fact, for centuries ruling classes wanted to not only subjugate the masses by force but often also desired to brainwash them—control their minds and thus control the world.
     Have you ever watched a television advertisement and spontaneously purchased the product? As stated previously, to repeat something three times imprints it into your subconscious. Watch television for one hour and approximately every eight minutes you are hit with three minutes of repetitive ads; in Europe it is less. Do you actually think trillions upon trillions are spent for no reason? Have you not wondered why, after the year 2000, our ads shifted from showcasing everyday products to lawyers, drug, insurance, political, and power/oil producing companies? Our junk mail seems counterproductive, but is it? In truth, George Orwell only envisioned the seed of greed.
     Nearly everyone today is living with a massive lack of truth. Organized religion failed to properly instruct truth and love; actually, it taught war, revenge, fear, and guilt. Sex is undeniably exploited in advertising simply by emotional associations, conditioning, or automatic response. If you doubt that mind control exists, have you ever met someone who loves to watch wrestling? Have you ever met someone who actually believes it is for real? Or how about religion and/or politics? Nearly everyone agrees that nearly all of Washington is corrupt, but during the elections, they act like the cobra and the mongoose in battle. The media covers both sides (sometimes) but where is the truth? Often obvious lies are stated for one side says them then the other retorts. Politics has become an in-your-face sham, and the media should listen to all sides, regardless of the projected polls and percentages, but always state the truth and reveal the facts. If people do not know what the factual truth really is, then a rigged election is likely.
     From the true history of humanity we all know organized religion uses mind control over its followers, and hatred, violence, and constant warfare continue. The people are not mind-controlled? Seriously, it is all about the control of oil, wanted resources, and people. It is pervasive, and this is a misuse of your freedom—something that America and nearly every new nation was founded upon. Remember taxation without representation? How about taxation with false representation?
     If people can learn to understand themselves and their innate qualities, as Carl Jung pointed out, they become resistant to mind control, manipulation, and subversion. Otherwise, like most human beings, your mind is mutable and able to be psychologically manipulated. Thus, the success of mind control.
“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.  The potential for the disastrous rise misplaced power exists and will persist.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969), Five-Star General and Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, and the 34th President of the United States of America.
Spanish–American War, 1898
     The Spanish did not sink the battleship USS Maine. Its sinking was one of the prime reasons and precipitating events that instigated this war.
World War I, 1914–1981
     A German torpedo hit the ocean liner Lusitania, causing her to sink. Her cargo included 4.2 million rounds of rifle cartridges. However, one theory states the ocean liner was also transporting six million pounds of explosives, which was against U.S. law. A banking corporation was involved with this.
World War II, 1939–1945
     Before Pearl Harbor there was a blockade of oil to Japan. Even the Panama Canal was blockaded by the U.S., which stopped oil shipping from Venezuela. The Flying Tigers in China were already flying air combat against Japan. Japan was truly evil in what they were doing to the Chinese at this point, but hardly any Americans were ever told this. The commanders in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) were scapegoats and blamed, even though vital information was suppressed to them. Finally in 2000, the Senate declared that the commanders “both served in Hawaii completely and professionally”.
Korean War, 1950–1953
     There are too many possibilities as to the true reason for the war, but it was over control. Why the U.S.S.R. and China became involved is simple; it would be like the Cuban Missile Crisis, for it was on their doorstep. 
Vietnam, 1959–1975
     This Cold War military conflict actually occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. U.S. military “advisers” were present as early as the 1950s.Major U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War began with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Recently, that secret—the fact that the incident was fabricated—has been revealed, and now we know the reason for the war was a lie.
Grenada, 1983
     “Operation Urgent Fury”. It was supposedly a war on drugs. This invasion began with Nixon, and if there is a bottom line, it was not at all due to drugs but control and the war machine.
Panama Invasion, 1989
     The invasion of Panama occurred during George H. W. Bush’s presidency. The Panamanian leader, general, and dictator, Manuel Noriega, was deposed. This invasion cancelled the turnover of the Panama Canal back to the country of Panama, as specified by the Torrijos-Carter Treaties.
Iraq and Iran, 1980–1988
     The U.S.–Israeli-sponsored war between Iraq and Iran began with the overturn of the Shah of Iran, which was a CIA-organized coup in 1953. But to everyone’s surprise, there was also a coup where Ayatollah Khomeini replaced the Shah. Soon, the U.S. became friends with Saddam Hussein in Iraq and supported him, even with gas warfare, which George W. Bush later referred to as WMDs [weapons of mass destruction]. Hussein was tricked for he asked the U.S. for permission (through its ambassador April Glaspie) and he was told they did not interfere in Arab quarrels. Next, Bush Senior liberated Kuwait. 
Afghanistan, 2001–
     The publicized reason to send American troops to Afghanistan was to find Osama bin Laden and other high-ranking officials of Al-Qaida. The United Nations did not authorize the invasion.
Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003–
     Operation Iraqi Freedom began under undeniably falsified evidence. After no WMDs were found in Iraq, the U.S.’s stated goal for the invasion was revamped to “bringing the democracy into Iraq”. No officials were brought to trial but by February 24, 2009, the total coalition deaths were 4,662. The price tag is currently  $714,000,900,000 and still counting. The total cost of war in Afghanistan $261,650,900,000 and growing faster than Iraq. Americans may think they are not controlled, yet look at these price tags and look at how everyone says America cannot afford good healthcare, good jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure, and so on. Maybe I am missing something here, but the numbers do not lie, and when our politicians do, you have to start wondering why you think the way you do. During the recent healthcare fiasco, did you not wonder why no one even spoke about the big bailout and the two wars going on? Have you ever seen a donkey following a carrot?
* * * * * * *
     There are many aspects that can deepen mind control; memory and fear are but a few. The corporate world knows a great deal about mind control, and it abuses it in every way possible. In hard times, such as today, when money has a majority of the people chained to the corporate world’s desires, it can be seen all over.  When people become stressed, their natural defenses fade, and when the housing market and the huge loss of jobs began during George W. Bush’s presidency, many lost their retirements, homes, and jobs, and many others found their savings in retirement accounts drastically reduced.
     What led up to this? Mind control. Understand that there are many levels applied by the conglomerate corporate world and the government, and you cannot escape entirely. Yet, one surefire method is to remain away from all television with ads, listen to only radio that you know is clean, grow your own food and/or buy from local farms, and have a practically self-sufficient home. This would require all avenues—wind, solar (active and passive), and possibly a hydrogen fuel cell. Can you possibly do this? Yes. However, with every passing day the corporate world is lobbying and passing laws, making it not only more difficult to become self-sufficient, but also controlling it so you cannot legally become self-sufficient.
Control of the masses
     One method would be through drugs, but trust me when I tell you there are many more things than drugs being put into your body, many without your knowledge. First, look at the food you eat; it is loaded with drugs and equally with steroids. The wealthy refuse to eat anything but pure natural foods, and with good reason, but the average person cannot afford such high costs, so they are trapped eating bad food. Odd, the cost of natural food is so much higher when not too long ago it was the everyday food that everyone ate! When you research this further you soon learn that this came about because of greed and the belief it was a smarter business path to pursue. Google this subject for a few hours some evening; it is worth taking the time. For your search, use the words, “steroids food studies”.
     How about beverages you drink or the water supply? First, there is something put into your water and it is more than a poison. Fluoride was a rat poison in the early 19th century, and when the demand for plastics increased dramatically, there was a byproduct—fluoride. Fluoride is costly to properly dispose of and somehow it was put into the very water that we bathe, wash our clothes, dishes, and even drink. With fluoride being in our water supplies, our produce may be watered with this poison, and when you wash it at home attempting to get rid of pesticides, fluoride is again being used due its presence in public water systems. If you think, oh yeah, there are fluoride drops and fluoride-fortified vitamins, mouthwash, and toothpaste, but that is all it is. Well, that is not the case. It can also be found in some powdered concentrate infant formulas, soy-based infant formula, infant dry cereals, creamed spinach, infant chicken products, decaffeinated teas, white grape juice, and juice drinks manufactured in fluorinated cities. There is also poultry, meat, and pork contaminated with fluoride since the animals all likely drank from fluorinated water. Just read the warning label on a tube of fluoride toothpaste: “Warning: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”  
     I do not intend to frighten you, but you should be, for it is a real fact. So when was fluoride first used? In WWI and WWII, fluoride was used on prisoners to make them docile, so they would not want to escape; thus, it is a mind-controlling substance. Also, being a powerful poison, bad health effects can also be a side effect of its use. The mind-blowing fact about fluoride is that it does not prevent tooth decay according to the Journal of the American Dental Association, and it may make the masses submissive, which opens the door for the dominant advertising. It should also be noted that infant mortality rates in are highest in fluoridated cities, according to the National Centre for Health Statistics.
     Europe has banned fluoride, but here in America we have not.
     I would advise also looking into your milk, your poultry, meat, and pork, for there are likely steroids there. And, genetically modified (GM) food should be researched further before being used widespread.
     The problem of greed is everywhere, and it is clearly pervasive when food comes into play, for it is more important that oil. The list of dangerous food additives is long, and when the decision to use anything is ultimately decided by its potential to make more money versus the inherent dangers to the population who will be consuming the additive, this is a social red flag. It is time to educate yourself, for do not expect the media to do so with a thirty-second snippet. 
Controlling a person’s money is the strongest method to control anyone
     Another way to control anyone’s life is through finances.
     With so many methods by which to control your state of mind, whether by magic, drugs, and/or advertising enforced by twelve years of preconditioning the entire populace [i.e., rote memorization and the elementary, middle, and high school education referred to earlier], where is any freedom? You cannot even leave your house without a satellite seeing you. Or go downtown—there are cameras everywhere. Yet, there is one aspect to control when it comes to money, and it is similar to computer viruses in that early on, everyone was told the people making these truly insane viruses were just wild college kids; that may have been true, but ever so slightly. The truth is, this was an entire new giant business whereby the corporate world would again stand to gain. Why Washington claimed they could not police such evil is simple—lobbying and greed, like with everything else. Truth is, stiff fines and a small group of amazing hackers could have easily put the fear of God into anyone making a virus. Also understand this is a vital area of protecting America for viruses can cripple banking, Wall Street, the military, food supplies, the power grid, and just about anything. Here the control over the people comes like a virus, where personal protection was disregarded, and today anyone can find out every single thing you did, right down to the second, all by your debit and credit card purchases. Your personal information is a big business, just like anti-virus software; therefore, to control the masses, obtaining or having access to their personal information is a must. Even today if you get a Web domain name, it is public knowledge, and if the Web site is of your family, people can get every single detail about you and your family, including copies of any photos you upload. The same goes for a copyright, patent, and even the deed to your home, for it is all under the term “public notice”.
     To control the mind of one person is a sickness, but to control nearly everyone’s mind—this literally fulfills the meaning of evil. It has been used for religion, political, health, and surely money. Credit cards began to involve debt for most Americans, even though after twelve or more years of education, most should have known enough basic math to prevent such a spiraling-out-of-control situation. Yet, some people are simply spenders. But ask yourself, why did the banking industry not only allow people to fall so deeply into debt that it would never get paid off, but also why did they and our political leaders ever allow such nonsense? After experiencing some debt, the average person realizes he/she is doing really stupid things, but also with a false good economy and mind control, is it any wonder why such things took place? Nevertheless, after everything crashed, the banks pulled in the reins like they should have so long ago, for they have the majority of the population controlled for the rest of their lives.
     Our politicians, many who are lawyers, have the most control over our lives, but the banking industry, stock markets, and oil and insurance companies control our leaders simply through corrupt lobbying. Laws have been passed that benefit conglomerate corporations; however, in the 1960s, there were laws to prevent corporations from getting too big or becoming monopolies. Now nearly everything is a conglomerate and many have gone global. It is control of the people. And as many were tricked into believing the economy was great, many fell for the scam that the banks and politicians had waiting.
     Next, the recent big bailouts of Wall Street and the banks, and governmental monetary support of the American car industry. Most Wall Street executives take millions as bonuses. Some even get caught lavishly spending on decadent things, even though they are to blame for the economic mess the country found itself in. Such actions are so bold that this tells me they were in total control and they knew it, just like the big fat bully on the block. This is like a dirty street scam and this is mind control, due to political and media control. Instead of paying out the billions upon billions to homeowners and low interest loans to people and businessmen who need them so the banks would get paid and everyone would be happy, the government filled giant dumpsters with cash and delivered them to the banks—to the actual corporations and people who created this scam! Reagan economics trickle down but nothing trickles down but rhetoric. Naturally, these technically bankrupt banks, some that were not even in financial trouble, took the cash and bought out other banks. However, the average working stiff paid for the big bailout, and it was the average working stiff who was in trouble. The bill was so massive that the next average working stiff generation will pay for it, too! Furthermore, most homeowners who were about to lose their homes, farms, or businesses still lost them. The banks were given the TARP money to help end foreclosures by modifying home mortgages permanently; to date (April 2010) according to Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP, approximately 167,000 homeowners have been helped since the program began fifteen months, but when considering that more than 200,000 families are posted for foreclosure every month, it makes you wonder what happened to the money. And, if you know a contractor, ask him/her about his most recent application for a construction loan; most have still, to date, not been able to obtain one. And the debt for the average American is still not payable . . . and now they have been burdened with this massive debt.
     As President Barack Obama stated on April 16, 2010: “We cannot delay action any longer.It is time to hold the big banks accountable to the people they serve, establish the strongest consumer protections in our nation’s history—and ensure that taxpayers will never again be forced to bail out big banks because they are ‘too big to fail’.” 
     Unseen slavery. Unseen mind control. The well-to-do have never been more wealthy, and the poor were hurt just a little, for they do not have much to take in the first place.
     And consider healthcare. With the passage of the recent healthcare legislation, the insurance companies are going to have every single American as a customer due to the requirement that all Americans have some form of healthcare. Who won here? With the current tabling of a public option, will these companies that have been gouging the public for decades truly be competitive? Based on past history, it seems doubtful.
     Over the years I have known many people, healthy and unhealthy, who have lived with no insurance and survived. Sometimes the roll of the dice went their way. All I will say about healthcare is that the system is so broken with corruption, and I have learned firsthand, that Americans have been scammed and are about to be supersized. I am willing to bet with more customers, the drug companies will also benefit greatly.
     Yes, the government says no one will be turned down . . . but at what price? When the average American just got slam-dunked with the big bailout, and credit card companies nearly own the majority, why don’t people just start demanding the truth and what is right? Bottom line: Republicans tout less government and spending, but Reagan, two burning Bushes, and the Dick put most every American into such debt that we all were handed a hopeless situation. Through the years, Democrats have sometimes been able to adjust and/or lower our national debt, but this good cop, bad cop scenario has to stop, for at this point America will never be the same. I guarantee that some nations like those in Europe, the United Kingdom, China, or India, will be the next victim of this scam that has been in the making for years.
     To truly be free, you must want to be free. And, the path to freedom begins in your heart and mind.
Lyrics to “One Vision”
by Queen
One vision
So give me your hands
Give me your hearts
I’m ready
There’s only one direction
One world one nation
Yeah, one vision.
Check out “One Vision” at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUsOR5rWH8I
[I would include all the lyrics here, but due to copyright laws, I cannot. You can find them by searching on the Internet.]


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